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In our opinion, carpet tiles have got an unfair reputation for being a bit on the bland and boring side. In the past, carpet tiles were typically only used in commercial settings. The seams were clearly visible and colours were fairly basic. But those styles are not a thing of the past!

Modern carpet tiles are suitable for domestic homes as well as commercial premises, and offer a genuine alternative to carpets.

Thanks to advances in technology, the seams are invisible and you’ll find a beautiful choice of colours and patterns here at 220 Interiors.

Carpet tiles are very easy to fit, and often don’t require any underlay. They can even be fitted over existing flooring such as laminate – great for when you want a fresh new look without too much disruption!

There is usually less waste with carpet tiles, so they are a very affordable option. And if you have any disastrous spills or accidents, it’s much easier to replace a single tile (or two) rather than a whole carpet.

More and more people are choosing carpet tiles because of the many advantages they offer. With all the beauty of traditional carpet, but at a fraction of the cost it’s a win-win choice!

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We will beat any like for like quote on both domestic and commercial flooring. All like for like quotes will be beaten from any reputable flooring company.


Browse through our selection of carpet tiles to find the design that you love. And if you’re still not sure whether carpet tiles are right for you, or you simply can’t choose a single design, why not order a free sample?

With such a vast range of carpet tiles, we have styles suitable for every room in your home.

We understand that getting the right flooring for your home is an important decision, so we pride ourselves on doing everything to help. With free samples, free quotes and expert carpet fitters waiting to take your call, providing the very best service is our priority.

We provide carpet tiles to Cardiff and South Wales, and we’re always happy to help with any queries. Why not get in touch with us today to order your free sample or to book a free quote?

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